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Building Blocks of Chessed

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It is the wish and prayer of every parent to bring up and educate children who are ba'alei chessed and grow into adults who have ahavas chessed. The operative words here are ba'alei chessed and ahavas chessed. Many people do chessed when asked, or even when a situation comes directly to them, but it is the dedication to chessed and the love of doing it on a regular basis that sets us apart as the children of Avraham Avinu. It is the very purpose of creation. But how can we, as parents, educate our children to achieve this lofty Torah goal? In Building Blocks of Chessed, Rabbi Yonoson Yodaiken, Principal of the largest Chareidi elementary school in England, as well as educational consultant for dozens of schools throughout the country and across the globe, takes teaching chessed to our children head-on.

In his clear and organized way, he sets out practical tools and methods by which to achieve this significant and most important goal. You will find yourself referring to the strategies outlined in this book again and again, and with Hashem's help see your children flourish and develop the trademark middos of the Am Hanivchar.


Rabbi Yodaiken is Menahel and Head-teacher of the largest Chareidi elementary school in England. A founding member of the Shaarei Torah kollel in Manchester, he received semichah there from the Gaavad, Rav Tuvya Weisz shlit"a and the Mara D'asra, Rav Schneelbalg shlit"a. He is an Executive member of the Torah Umesorah Teaching Centre in Manchester, has a Doctorate in Education and is a member of the Primary Heads Reference Group, which meets regularly in the Department for Education.

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