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The Frum Entrepreneur

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As Orthodox Jews, we know that our parnasah is a hundred percent from Hashem. Many "business" rules simply do not apply to us since we know that hishtadlus (efforts) are just that - hishtadlus. Hashem determines everything. Sadly, within our community, there is a lack of knowledge on this subject. Many Orthodox Jews behave certain ways in their business lives because "that is how business is done." This is not true! We answer to a Higher Authority.
This book is written from the perspective of a Torah Jew. After achieving great success in his field, entrepreneurship, Nachum Kligman has become an address of sorts for investors and people starting their own businesses. In this unique and powerful book, he shares how to become and what it means to be a Frum Entrepreneur. Readers will explore what our best business practices should be - relying on the business chochmah of the world, but establishing priorities, making decisions and behaving as Yidden should.

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