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Gavriel's Storm

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"Abba," I cry as I run inside. "I'm afraid".

Most chjildren find thunderstorms frightening - they are loud, startling and potentially dangerous. In Gavriel's Storm, author Aviva Werner has teamed up again with artist Avi Katz to create a striking and meaningful book that helps you and your child get through those tough moments with calm, reassurance and trust in Hashem.
  • The berachos we say during and after a storm
  • Valuable tips for helping kids overcome fear of thunder and lightning
  • A scientific explanation of what causes a thunderstorm

"Gavriel's Storm is an excellent example of how a close, trusting relationship, together with a straightforward explanation of facts can quell a child's anxiety. For that matter, it works for adults, too."- Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, MD
br>",i>Gavriel's Storm offers guidance on validating children's inner feelings while simultaneously instilling yesodos ha-emunah into their hearts and minds While. it takes the form of an enchanting children's book focusing on natural wonders, it is also recommended as a fine resource for today's Torah-observant parent." - Rabbi Shmuel Yaakov Klein

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