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Healing Anger

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In today's world, serenity and peace of mind seem like an impossibility. We find no relief from financial insecurity, emotional unrest, and constant cut-throat competition. The direct result of these tensions is a profound lack of inner harmony.

Lack of inner peace often leads to anger which affects even the closest of relationships. It blocks the ability to give and receive love, destroying harmony and friendship. Anger decreases self-esteem, and, most crucially, it distances people from Hashem.

We all know how harmful and dangerous anger is. We know how much spiritual, physical and emotional damage it can cause. Yet, controlling one's angry feelings is a major challenge for many people - young and old alike.

This book presents a guide for today's individual through the sources of the Torah and ethical works. It provides practical advice how to control anger and restore peace of mind; improve personal relationships, restore physical and mental health, and improve quality of life.

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