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Jew Got Questions

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Jew Got Questions is an easy-to- read guide that helps you navigate Judaism in today's world. Throughout the author's 13 year Rabbinical career, he has been asked numerous questions - in person, via email, text message, Skype, ambush, and on the subway. Some include: What happens to my soul after I die? What do my dreams mean? What's the origin of the Star of David? Why do we dip the challah into salt? Can I miss meeting my soul mate? And many more...
Jew Got Questions provides a fresh and insightful take on some of the most common and even uncommon inquiries. It can be referenced at a moment's notice, drawing on Biblical, Talmudic, and Kabbalistic sources. This book answers hundreds of questions about laws, customs, and practices of Jewish life, that transform Judaism from being a religion into a relationship.
Written by Rabbi Lawrence Hajioff, a more reliable source than your search engine!

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