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Kashrut in the Kitchen - Sephardic Edition

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You cut an onion with a meat knife - must you wait six hours after eating it?

You baked challah in a meat oven - may it be eaten with cheese?

A dairy spoon was dipped into the cholent - can the cholent still be eaten?

May one eat a pareve schnitzel with cheese?

Can a microwave be koshered between meat and dairy usage?

These are just a sample of the everyday, practical questions that arise in every kosher kitchen. Well over 500 such questions are discussed in this enlightening book that will provide the reader with a better understanding of fundamental kashrut issues.

Easy to read, with a comprehensive index, the answers to your kashrut questions are right here at your fingertips. Whether you're a busy housewife who needs on-the-spot answers, a layman who wants to learn the basics, or a scholar who is seeking a quick and reliable review, Kashrut in the Kitchen is a guidebook for everyday life that no Jewish home should be without!

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