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The Korban Chatas

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If you have not been fortunate enough to walk your own sheep or goat to the Bais Hamikdash, to recite viduy on its head and watch it be slaughtered and burnt in your stead, to feel freed of the burden of sin, you will be relieved to know that kaparah can also be attained by delving into the Parsha of the Korban Chatas.

This groundbreaking volume, The Korban Chatas, will guide you through the entire process, illuminating the many halachos passuk-by-passuk with lucid explanations, engaging illustrations and comprehensive footnotes. Elusive animal parts are identified in detailed diagrams and photos. The Korban Chatas will come alive as you gain a vivid understanding of this most central avodah from start to finish.

The clear and concrete learning derived from this sefer makes it an invaluable aid for the Rebbi and talmid, a treasure for scholars, and a delight for every soul yearning for the Bais Hamikdash and its ultimate purpose of kaparah.

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