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Operation: Magic Wand

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A select group of brilliant young women are hand-picked to participate in a classified government project. The dazzling promise of wealth blinds them to the true nature of their exhilarating new jobs, and they quickly find themselves trapped in a sticky, inescapable web.

Jeremy McCaitin surfaces from the green-black waters of the Caribbean. The twinkling lights of Havana and serene beauty of the shore mock his fears as he prepares to carry out his perilous mission.

Adina Helfand was always a typical Bais Yaakov girl, but her life takes
a dramatic twist when she's accepted to work at Israel Military Industries.

Shmuel and Shulamis Friedman are a radiant young couple. Will Shulamis' loyalty to her new job destroy the delicate fabric of their marriage?

Bestselling author G. Halevi is back with another captivating thriller!
Operation: Magic Wand will carry you into a world of drama and
suspense, as you follow the characters across oceans and continents
to places you never dreamed of!

Rosy dreams of marriage, a shidduch on the verge of collapse, the appeal of wealth and grandeur, a battle of wills as good, evil and temptation collide on sandy beaches, subterranean military bases, and the privacy of Jewish homes.

Operation: Magic Wand a thought-provoking tale of suspense and
intrigue, despair and hope, drama and adventure that culminates in an
extraordinary conclusion and powerful message.

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