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Maharal: Emerging Patterns (HC)

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These fascinating, in-depth essays offer the reader a glimpse into the thought of the Maharal, whose vast work is the foundation of much of Jewish thought today, and the intellectual base of both Chassidus and Mussar. Culled mainly from "Gevuros Hashem" and "Tiferes Yisrael", subjectsinclude:

Avraham, Bris Bein HaBesarim, Yosef,
The Ten Plagues, The Exodus, Sinai,
The Ten Commandments,
Torah and MItzvos,
The Haggadah
and Hallel

About the Author:
Rabbi Yaakov Rosenblatt, a member of the rabbinical faculty of DATA, the Dallas Area Torah Association, received his ordination from Beth Medrash Govoha, Lakewood, NJ in January 2000. The author of All I Need Know, I learned in Yshiva (Targum Press, 1995) and a frequent contributor to Jewish publications, he and his family moved from the Northeast to the Southwest one year ago.

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