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Malach in Our Midst(Bio R'Moshe Twersky

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Rav Mosheh Twersky's, < /b> greatness in Torah and< i>Yiras Shamayim was hidden from many due to his self-effacing desire for anonymity. But on 25 Marcheshvan 5775, after he was killed while devening Shemoneh Esrei in the Har Nof terrorist attack, his life was thrust into the limelight and the Jewish world suddenly discovered what a unique Torah giant he had been.

Here is the story of a rare tzaddik, who's every fiber of being was aflame with a constant drive to generate Kevod Shamayim. Based on the memories and reflections of family, friends and talmidim, and with over 160 pictures.

A Malach in Our Midst provides an inspiring glimpse of a remarkable individual, one who embodied kiddush HaShem not only in death, but with every breath of his life.

Approbations :< /i>

I had the privilege of knowing HaRav Mosheh Twersky zt"l both as a talmid chacham and as a member of my son's family… Whatever he thought, felt or did was meant to be an expression of the Ratzon Hashem. His total absorption in Torah learning, his middos tovos, his dikduk in mitzvos> they were all that of an eved Hashem. The greatest indication of this was his equal dikduk in both mitzvos Bein Adam laMakom and Mitzvos Bein Adam Lechaveiro. His loss to Klal Yisrael is enormous; he left no one his age to take his place. I therefore express my gratitude to those who have composed a record of his life and accomplishments. May it be a legacy for generations to come, showing the heights a person can reach in his Avodas Hashem.

Rabbi Aharon Feldman

Rosh Yeshiva, Ner Israel Rabbinical College

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