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The Morning Star

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Ayelet SHtayner is tall, beautiful, talented- and single. When Deep Hollow Synagogue hits on a novel approach to the community's shidduch crisis, they unleash secrets that none could ever have imagined. Secrets that throw us back thousands of years to an ancient Jerusalem, where a dozen young boys are secluded in a Guarded Courtyard, waiting to play a vital role in the future of the Mikdash.

2,000 Years Ago...
Attackers thunder down on the crowding Levites, and the terrible battle is begun... Enemies from all corners of Judaea gather, intent on thwarting the young boys' scared mission. Success hinges on the rambunctious shoulders of Yehudah ben Yitzchak, a small figure straddled atop a huge bull, coal-black pei'ot flying. "You, yeled, you must keep on searching until you find her!" Even if that search continues until the rise of the morning star...

The Morning Star is studded with personalities we won't forget: Lemel the Shammas, who towers over Deep Hollow SYnagogue in the yeallow-and-orange jacket that is his second skin. Rabbi Shtayner, the beloved but little-understood rabbi of the community. Heshy Roiter, the bashful bus driver...People whose lives and pasts are intertwined in mysterious ways.
In The Morning Star, Meir Uri Gottesman, bestselling author of Deep Blue and The Harp, gives us the gift of a story that is intriguing, uplifting, and breathtaking in its scope.

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