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Real Life Stories #1

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Real Life Stories 1 is a collection of 27 fascinating true stories by bestselling author Chaim Walder. Read about…

The Miser… Two people stand in front of the lottery kiosk waiting to try their luck. The conversation between them leads to an unusual deal-and an unusual story. Can luck wander?

Afraid of Dogs… She has a secret: she's petrified of dogs. She's been warned not to tell, because it could ruin her life. But secrets have a way of making themselves known, especially when you have no control over them. And when the secret is revealed, so is one of the most moving stories you've ever heard.

Loyalty Pays… A faithful, dedicated worker finds himself in an endless battle against a rival company. When he finally wins, he is rewarded…by being fired. Does loyalty pay? Think again…

One Black Kippa, Neatly Pressed and Folded… It all starts with a shidduch suggestion that was one big mistake. At least, at first glance. A girl from a frum French family is matched up with a boy who is both mitzva observant and sits and learns. The person who shows up for the date is, indeed, a boy. But it isn't clear how many mitzvos he observes or what exactly he learns when he sits. This gripping saga spans dozens of years, three continents, and two families.

The Safe… It's an armed robbery in the heart of Meah Shearim-and the robbers don't know what they're getting themselves into. Because no one takes money from a Yerushalmi. If you've even wondered why the crime rate is so low in Meah Shearim, this dramatic story will give you the answer.

This is Walder at his best. Deep. Real. Moving. And, as usual, filled with surprises, unexpected plot twists, and insight that will stay with you.

About the Author: Chaim Walder is an educational counselor and director of Bnei Brak's Center for the Child and Family. His stories appear in print and other media, are performed on stage, and have been translated into eight languages. This is Walder's thirtieth book.

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