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They Called Her Morah Rivka

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THEY CALLED HER MORAH RIVKA - but she was much more than a morah!

Born into an illustrious family, Rivka Rosen grew up as part of a pioneering Chassidic movement in Williamsburg known as the "Malachim." She joyfully absorbed her parents' dedication to strict adherence to halachah, unlimited ahavas Yisrael, and selfless dedication to others.

After her marriage to Dovid Pinchos Rosenberg, she became, not only the quintessential aishes chayil, but a renowned teacher - originally, in several Chassidic girls' schools. Later, after they relocated to the fledgling Torah community of Monsey, New York, she turned her profound love of Yiddisheh kinderlach into Derech Emes, the mossad ha'chinuch that evolved from a playgroup she had opened in their home.

By the time Morah Rivka was niftar in 2010, she was a living legend in the Torah world of Monsey and beyond. Morah Rivka was mourned not only by her own family, but also by many hundreds of families whose children had flourished thanks to her loving, innovative chinuch in Derech Emes, the school that she and her husband established and ran for close to 40 years.

In They Called Her Morah Rivka, you will also read about:

  • o the struggle to remain Torah-true in pre-WWII New York;
  • o mesiras nefesh to fulfill Torah and mitzvos without compromise, and with boundless simchas ha'chaim and ahavas Hashem;
  • o the phenomenal development of Monsey, from an anti-Semitic village into a bastion of Torah and Chassidus;
  • o and much, much more!

This riveting, true story is a tribute to a woman whose exemplary middos tovos, unlimited drive to do chessed, positive energy and unique methods of chinuch impacted the lives all who were fortunate enough to know her. Spiced with countless inspiring anecdotes, this book will bring you back to a world that was and empower you to persevere in the derech ha'emes.

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