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Therapy According to G-D

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The Torah is "the Blueprint for the Universe." It is the "owner's manual" to life. Our mission is to learn G-d's Torah and strive to be closer to Him.

Still, the Torah is even more than that. It is G-d making Himself known to the world. It has been our lifeblood for over three thousand years. It's what sustains us, keeps us alive, and gives us our sense of purpose in the world. It is eternal.

It is also high drama. It is the story of relationships, conflict, and (sometimes) resolution. The Torah shares its stories to help us understand who we are and where we come from - and how we must live and grow and evolve, constantly improving ourselves, refining our character traits, and developing healthier and better relationships.

Thousands of years ago and today, people have dealt with difficult issues such as anxiety, loneliness, depression, anger issues, family conflict and substance abuse. In this book, we attempt to show how eternal Torah principles can be incorporated into our daily lives - and how we can find healing and connection.


"Your fascinating presentation … has been a most enjoyable and informative read."

Rabbi Zvi Teichman, Cong. Ohel Moshe, Baltimore, MD

"The authors demonstrate how Torah principles can provide real-world solutions to common struggles in the realms of marriage, child rearing, emotional health, and character development. Furthermore, the authors' creative approach of alternating between rabbinic and psychological perspectives throughout the text, highlights the unique and wonderful synergy that is created when clergy and mental health professionals collaborate."

Dr. David H. Rosmarin, PhD, ABPP, Director, Spirituality and Mental Health Program, Mc Lean Hospital, Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical school

About the Author:

Rabbi Mordechai Wecker studied in yeshiva for many years and was awarded Yoreh Yoreh Yadin Yadin smicha by Rav Moshe Feinstein zt''l. He has served as a Jewish educator for over forty years. In addition, he has served as head of school at Jewish day schools in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. He has given shiurim on the weekly parsha and the siddur throughout his career.

Dr. Michael Weissman is a graduate of Princeton University (1970) and The University of Massachusetts (Ph.D., 1974), and a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in practice for 44 years and has served as President of the Virginia Academy of Clinical Psychologists. He began his journey as a Bal Teshuva over 20 years ago and has continued to practice psychotherapy while immersing himself in Torah growth.

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