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The Third Key (paperback)

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How do we know if there is a problem?
How can the Torah be a source of support?
What can we expect at the fertility clinic?
Does Hashem love us?
What are the side effects of fertility medications?
Can this ordeal strengthen our marriage?
What is the halacha for male fertility testing?
Can one live a fulfilling life without children?

Infertility: heartbreaking, frightening, and a real rest of faith.
The Third Key - The Jewish Couple's Guide to Fertility offers comfort, hope, the latest medical knowledge, and a Torah-true approach to the situtation.

"The Third Key is a tour de force whose every page is educational and inspiring…. carefully researched and brilliantly written pages, presented with remarkable sensitivity and delicacy…. The medical information is extremely helpful. The halachos are carefully presented…. Broken hearts will be mended by reading this work."
Rabbi Yisroel Belsky,
Rosh Yeshiva of Torah Vodaath

"Encompasses halachah and hashkafah, medicine and psychology…. This sefer shall, without a doubt, give spiritual and emotional strength and sustenance."
Rabbi David Cohen, Congregation
Gvul Yaavetz, Brooklyn, New York

"An excellent combination of medical and psychological information and advice bolstered by a firm, Torah-true outlook and perspective."
Rabbi Zev Leff,
Moshav Matity ahu, Israel

"The information in this book [is] accurate, comprehensive, and up-to date…. [It] will be a great benefit to all those who are seeking information on the fertility process."
Professor Ehud Margalioth,
direct or of the IVF unit, Shaare Zedek
Medical Center, Jerusalem

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