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Where the Heavens Kiss the Earth

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Where the Heavens Kiss the Earth is a comprehensive, transformative, enlightening book that reveals the deepest mysteries of life in entertaining, user friendly way.

The purpose of life, fate, destiny, free-will and a grand plan, the spiritual universes, body and soul, and more, are explained from the perspective of the Kabbalists, elucidated with analogies, metaphors and stories that open us up to the profundity of these topics. Through the eyes of the mystical wisdom, we can finally get a handle on the inner workings of our world, our being, and how to attain happiness.

At the end of each chapter, Rabbi Ingber brings theory into action with exercises and practical applications to transform these life enhancing ideas into our daily reality. This book is sure to enlighten your mind, inspire your heart and awaken your soul.

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"I commend Rabbi Inbger for this masterful work and recommend it to all those that want to make their life's journey in this world more meaningful, significant and purposeful"

Rabbi Zev Leff, Rabbi and Rosh Yeshivah, Moshev Mattisyahu

"Where the Heavens Kiss the Earth presents complicated areas in Jewish Philosophy in a clear, pleasant and rational manner, that can be easily understood by all who wish to. It is easy to read and enjoyable, yet so profound and accurate."

Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovits, Rosh Kollel, The Jerusalem Kollel.

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